A line up of old Jet Provosts at No.27 MU Shawbury awaiting the scrapman

6 Jet Provosts await disposal at No.1 SoTT Halton on 24/10/1991

XP586 Jet Provost T4 at Finchampstead Ridges before being scrapped

XM386 awaiting it's fate at Thorpe Camp, East Wretham, Norfolk where the aircraft was transported by road to circa 1992 for ground instructional use after spending many years at No.1 SoTT Halton.

Photo from: Demobbed http://www.demobbed.org.uk

XP680 Jet Provt T4 used for ground instructional use at No.4 SoTT/Civilian Technical Training School, St Athan from 30/12/1975 as 8460M, then to the Home Office Fire & Emergency Training Centre, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire during 12/1993.

XS180 Jet Provost T4 looking rather battered whilst being used for ground instructional use as 8238M with the Aircraft Recovery and Transportation Flight, St Athan, now located at Boscombe Down.

XM375 Jet Provost T3 on Cottesmore fire dump from 23/05/1990 as 8231M, perished during 03/1996.

XR670 Jet Provost T4 on Odiham dump from 15/03/1991 for ground instructional use as 8498M, tendered during 09/1997, to Clacton, Essex during 2000, to Everett Aero, Sproughton by 12/2002, to Hermeskeil Museum, Germany during 04/2003 for display.

                           XM381 Jet Provost T3 at Marham fire section

       XM475 Jet Provost T3 at Manston Fire School, Kent where it arrived on

      14/08/1991 for ground instructional use as 9112M, perished during 1999

             XN641 Jet Provost T3A at Newton fire section from 26/11/1985

             for ground instructional use as 8865M, perished during 11/1995