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A few moves have taken place over the last few months.


XM404 Jet Provost T.3 has been sold by the Home Office Fire & Emergency Training Centre, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire and was transported to Bruntingthorpe oduring 09/20-14 and has since reduced to a cockpit section


XS177 Jet Provost T.4 was to have been delivered to the Bournemouth Aviation Museum for display, but the deal fell through and the aircraft is now dumped at Mount Pleasant Farm, Allensdale, Hexham


XW301 Jet Provost T.5A previously sold by Jet Art, Thorpe Wood, the aircraft was resold and is now on display at Barnveld, Netherlands


XW318 Jet Provost T.5A previously owned by Jet Art, Thorpe Wood, the aircraft was sold and exported on 17/01/2014 and is currently located at Teuge, Netherlands


XW328 Jet Provost T.5A was sold to Everett Aero, Sproughton during 10/2013 and has since been resold to a private owner in Antwerp, Belgium for restoration to flying status.

XW420/9194M/83-MU Jet Provost T5A previously at DSAE Cosford was

transported on 25/06/2013 to RAF Woodvale, Merseyside for display

XW434/MY-78 Jet Provost T5A previously with Jet Art at Selby, Yorkshire was sold and transported by road on 30/05/2013 to Halfpenny Green, Airport for display outside the flying club

Jet Provost XW364/35 awaiting transportation to RAF

Halton, Buckinghamshire for ground instructional use

Adding to the list (below 01/06/2012) of Jet Provosts T.5A's that are for sale, here is a picture taken on 20/08/2012 of the nine aircraft that are up for disposal



Adding to the message posted on 26/04/2012 the Jet Provost T.5A’s stored in the open behind two of the grass hangers on the southern end of Cosford Airfield, are now confirmed as:-

XW299/60-MB/9146M    XW301/63/MC/9147M    XW318/78-MG/9190M   

XW358/59-MK/9181M    XW360/ML-61/9153M     XW361/81-MM/9192M 

XW410/80-MR/9125M    XW425/MV/H/9200M      XW434/78-MY/9091M


A Jet Provost has been located in a private garden next to Wethersfield Airfield, Essex. It is thought to be XM473 a Jet Provost T.3 which was last noted with Everett Aero, Sproughton. The aircraft is in the blue/white colour scheme as you can see by the photo to the right. This was applied when it was with the Air UK Apprentice School at Norwich Airport and carried the false registration G-TINY.


XN500 Jet Provost T3A has been sold by the Farnborough Air Sciences Ltd to the Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum, Fixton even though the aircraft has been on display at Flixton since 07/10/2007.

XN597 Jet Provost T4 at Millom Museum

Jet Provost joins the Lakes Lightnings

Jet Provost T3 XN597 cockpit which was sold by auction on 27/01/2011 from the now closed RAF Millom & Militaria Museum, Haverigg, Cumbria has joined the ever growing collection of aircraft at Neil Airey and Heather Grahams premises at Spark Bridge, Cumbria. But it only stayed there a short period as it was quickly resold to Retro Aviation who transported the cockpit to Blackpool Airport. This remained there until 17/02/2012 when it was transported to the Retro Aviation premises in Shropshire where the aircraft will be restored and sold.


XS181 Jet Provost T4 at Lakes Lightning, Spark Bridge, Cumbria




Neil and Heather have replaced XN597 with Jet Provost T4 XS181 c/n PAC/W/22167 which arrived at Spark Bridge on 20/02/2012











The Lakes Lightning Collection

WT711 Hawker Hunter GA11
XM172 Lightning F1A, (8427M

XM144 Lightning F1 (8417M) nose section

ZF596 Lightning T55-715 nose section

XS922 Lightning F6 (8973M) nose section

Sukhoi- 7 nose section, (no serial designation)
Jet Provost T4 XS181, (9033M) nose section

Harrier GR3 XZ131 nose section
Harrier T4 nose section (no serial designation)
Canberra TT18 WK122 nose section



XS897 Lightning F6/F3 hybrid, located at RAF Coningsby on loan to 29 Sqn

marked as XP765.
XS420 Lightning T5 located at F.A.S.T. Museum Farnborough on loan

Jet Provost T5 sold to a Museum


Jet Provost T5 XW357 ex VH-YZD, Jandakot Airport, Perth, Western Australia, Australia was sold during October 2011 and shipped to the Wanaka Transport and Toy Museum, New Zealand for display.